Spyra "Meditationen"

Spyra "Meditationen"

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SynGate Vertrieb MRCD 7075 veröffentlicht 2005

On his album *Meditationen* (71'03"), *Spyra* embraces the essential concepts of Spacemusic to create lengthy realizations which possess a transportative quality. Listening to this music, one feels as though they are moving, traveling outward into the cosmos. But the only actual movement we are experiencing is inward, deeper into dreams, memory and images from the psyche. This sensation is accomplished through the use of texture as the primary compositional element. *Meditationen* contains three tracks with "Mentalized" (28'12") opening the album. This sprawling piece references the more classic and beloved works of Klaus Schulze. The gradual arc of the piece begins with street sounds intermingling with comforting breaths of synthesizer tones. The sound fills out, thickened by additional layers of cosmic electronic pads and slowly shifting harmony. "Composure" (28'14") begins with the serious sound of reverberant piano notes. This brief section turns out to be just a prelude to a truly fascinating journey into dark and rolling timbral metamorphosis. The album concludes with "Future of the Past II" (14"40"), a reworking of Spyra's cosmic/chillout hybrid of syncopated sequencer patterns and intelligent percussion accents. Although, due to its focused energy, this track stands apart from the other two pieces on the album, it is in this work that we hear Spyra's unique contribution to the genre; bringing the ideas of classic 1970's spacemusic into the present tense.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END