TM Solver - svalbard

TM Solver - svalbard

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syngate luna CD-R TM10
veröffentlicht 2015

When Thomas Meier aka TM Solver visited Spitsbergen in 1993 he was attracted by many impressions of deep coldness, wide landscape, rough nature and the always present awareness of possible encounters with icebears. These impressions found their musical echo in this album. All those tracks were written long ago but never published before, now in 2015 TM Solver remastered the old recordings and they sound as crispy and fresh, as the preserved ice from a resort, that does not change its fascination

composed and produced 1993-1994, remastered 2015 by TM Solver
mastering: TM Solver
photography: TM Solver
motivation: Ursula Rogg

cover design by Kilian Schloemp

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