SYNCO - 85-89 Vol. 2

SYNCO - 85-89 Vol. 2

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SynGate CD-R SC04
aufgenommen 85-88 | veröffentlicht 2011

The SYNthesizer COoperation SYNCO was founded 1984 in Berlin by Frank Klare and Mirko Lüthge. They bought used but still expensive equipment from Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze and composed music in their style. So listen to classic Berlin School of Electronic Music music from the 80s played on analog equipment like PPG-Modularsystem, Korg MS-Modularsystem, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssee or MiniMoog.
Finally the epic tracks 'Kaskade' and the studio version of 'Synthasia' are availablke on CD-R. All recordings are relics of the '85-89' release, one of the finest albums with Berlin School of Electronic Music from the 90's. Tracks 1–4 recorded 1985 and taken from the MC 'Kaskade'. Track 5 recorded 1986 and taken from the MC 'Synthasia'. Tracks 6–12 recorded 1988 and taken from the MC 'Motodrom'. All tracks are recovered from the original 80s tape recordings and remastered within the realms of possibilty, however tracks 1 and 3 suffer from volume distortions. (LL)

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