Rainbow Serpent - "The 8th Nerve"

Rainbow Serpent - "The 8th Nerve"

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SynGate MRCD 7074
veröffentlicht 2010

SynGate Vertrieb 7074
veröffentlicht 2010

  1. Audioframe     05:09
  2. Mindmachine     11:22
  3. Radiotrip     07:21
  4. Winterlandschaft     07:33
  5. N-Tropical     03:50
  6. Edge of Reality     06:49
  7. Third Ear      05:00
  8. Planet Audio     09:19
  9. Retropolis     05:23
  10. Pibgorn     05:09
  11. See - Not Have     07:33
  12. Noosphere     04:16


"The 8th Nerve" showcases Gerd Wienekamp and Frank Specht doing what they do best, mixing retro and modern synth elements with ease. “Audioframe” starts with a slow tempo and keeps it going, nothing fancy but it works well. “Mindmachine” is a very typical sound for them with a catchy beat and sequencer, although it runs a tad long. A few tracks fall into this category, but then again, some may want to just chill and get hypnotized by each groove. “N-Tropical” is full of bubbly energy, the tight bass and sequencing sounding like recent upbeat output by Ian Boddy. “Edge of Reality” starts as floating ambient and ends with tribal rhythms. “Third Ear” has great variety, starting with a synth-based acoustic guitar lead line. This stops abruptly and moves into a mellow string section with various cool sound effects. Then it kicks up a notch with synths and sequencing sounding a lot like Tangerine Dream from around 1981’s /Exit/ album. The acoustic guitar lead resumes, a nice counterpoint to the synth sounds. Also very good are mellow atmospheric numbers such as “Planet Audio” and “Winterlandschaft,” both starting as relatively formless ambient selections that evolve into softly undulating rhythms and gentle soothing electronics. “Retropolis” has a jamming keyboard riff that cooks right along. “Pibgorn” is mostly about the beats, with ethnic synth touches. /The 8th Nerve/ gets progressively stronger, culminating in the excellent grooves of “See – Not Have,” a laid-back satisfying melodic closer, followed by the dark epilogue “Noosphere.”

(C) 2005 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space