Perceptual Defence - Sounds From Space Vol.1: The Deep Space Program

Perceptual Defence - Sounds From Space Vol.1: The Deep Space Program

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SynGate PD04
Re-release veröffentlicht 2017 (2004)

Back in 2004! I remember I was always interested in science fiction Films, but above all to the wonderful space Soundtracks (especially the Soundtrack created by Louis and Bebe Barron for Forbidden Planet, or the Soundtrack created by Edward Artemiev for Solaris). So I decided to create two Albums in that Direction called Sounds from Space and Wishstones.
My cousin Gianluigi Gasparetti (better known as Oophoi) in that Years created an Italian Label for electronic Music called Umbra Records and he decided to release them in a very limited Edition now out of print.
It was only last Year during a talk about this Album with my good Friend Danny Budts, that he suggested to me to rerelease them and especially this first Album. So I agreed but I wanted to give new life to the original Master. That’s why I asked to my Friend Pierpaolo Bramonti, who is a well known sound Technician here in Italy, to digitally remaster it and I think the Result is great!

Although the album indicates 5 tracks, they are linked an can be heared as one track only. This corresponds with the original release

All Music composed, arranged & performed by Perceptual Defence at Musart Studio
in Rome (Italy) during Year 2004. All Instruments played by Perceptual Defence (Gabriele Quirici).
Only analog Synthesizers were played in this Album!

Originally released on Umbra Records in 2004 thanks to my cousin Gianluigi Gasparetti (Oophoi).

Digitally remastered during Year 2016 by Pierpaolo Bramonti at Bramonti Studio in Rome (Italy)

All Covers created by Danny Budts (Syndromeda)
Coverlayout by CabGuy*

Released by syngate luna (SynGate Records) 2017
CabGuy* Music Production (*Kilian Schloemp)

Special Thanks to my great Friend Danny Budts who suggested me to re-release this Album (actually my very first official Album) and to Kilian Schloemp to have given to me the Opportunity to re-release it!

This Album is dedicated to all Deep Space Travellers and above all to Oophoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti) who was the first to believe in my Music and who is now travelling through Space!

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