Perceptual Defence - Changing Images

Perceptual Defence - Changing Images

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syngate luna pd06
veröffentlicht 2019

I’ve started to compose this album in september 2018 during a very important moment for me and my family. I’ve started thank to a new job to travel by train every week from Rome to Switzerland. This has given to me the opportunity to experience two different realities and different landscapes and also experience different emotional images in my mind. Therefore "Changing Images" is my attempt I wanted to try to translate my emotional images into music.

This Album is dedicated to my wife Valentina and my two daughters Raffaella and Irene

Special Thanks to Danny Budts, John Valk, Mark de Vit, Johan Geens, Sylvain Mazars and Kilian Schloemp, all the friends of the 22nd Century Music Group and all the Friends and Musicians round the World

A special Thanks to Paolo Groppioni for the wonderful Grp Sequencer and Synthesizers

All music played and recorded at Musart Studio Roma between september 2018 and March 2019 byPerceptual Defence (Gabriele Quirici):
2 Grp A2 analog Synthesizers, Grp R24 Sequencer, Access Virus Ti Polar, Soma Laboratory Lyra 8, Soma Laboratory Pipe, Tc Electronics Effects.

Edited and mastered by Paolo Bramonti at Bramonti Studio Rome

Pictures made by Gabriele Quirici
Inside Booklet Train Picture made by CabGuy*

CabGuy Photo Art

Coverlayout by CabGuy*

Marketed by
CabGuy* Music Production


HQ-release by SynGate Records 2019

Album auch auf Bandcamp als digitaler Download erhältlich