Johan Tronestam - Midgard

Johan Tronestam - Midgard

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SynGate CD-R JT06
veröffentlicht 2018

The idea for the album Midgard started in 2015, but the first track was made in february 2017. The inspiration behind this work is J.R.R. Tolkien's book The Silmarillion. The subject opens up too many thoughts and ideas. Have there been powerful times which we today have no knowledge of? Times that have been lost and today are only myths. Echoes from the past without any anchoring. If so, what happened to these cultures? Apart from the world of Tolkien there are enormous amounts of myths of ancient times in different cultures, written by known cultures that are seen as our cultural cradle. They describe times that go beyond our ability to verify.
For example, there is a link between ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese stories of even older times where persistent rulers ruled powerful kingdoms. Also descriptions which has its beginning in supernatural rulings.
– Johan Tronestam

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