Frank Klare - TimeSharing

Frank Klare - TimeSharing

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SynGate CD-R FK03
veröffentlicht 1983 | wiederveröffentlicht 2003

TimeSharing was Frank Klare's first recording back in 1983. Together with Thomas Girke he composed and played his first "Elektronische Musik" (Electronic Music). They released their professional mastered music on a C-30 music cassette. - A bit quaint by today’s standards, this remastered and reissued 1983 recording has some amusing little slices from the synth time capsule. “Computer Time” has wavering synth leads and a catchy beat that propels it along. It’s an upbeat way to start. “Disco Dance” is what you might expect, a little techno pop number that does no harm, and in fact you’ll likely find yourself tapping or humming along. The synth lead does get a bit overly cute at the end, but it does seem to go with the times. “TimeSharing” starts in free-floating space mode, and stays very mellow, with some nice touches of gentle electric guitar playing. “News World” is similar to “Disco Dance” in the slightly cheesy department, but the waves of nostalgia for this style of synth music may overcome it. I rather like the sequencing and the odd mechanistic percussion in “Skytime,” as well as the synth lead which is a bit more restrained than most here. “Black Light” and “Sequencer 1” are, like most of the offerings here, upbeat and full of light-hearted energy. A reasonably fun trip 20 years back in time even if, like me, you hadn’t heard this album before.(PD)

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