Frank Klare - Memorial Dreams

Frank Klare - Memorial Dreams

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SynGate CD-R FK02
veröffentlicht 2003

Wonderful classic sounds are found in abundance on Memorial Dreams. The brief “Memorial Dream 1” is vintage Jarre-like synth strings. Then we get into one of three excellent epic tracks in the 14- to 15-minute range, “Memorial Dream 2,” which blends swirling synths and piano. The piano playing is sparse, adding hints of melody and drama in just the right doses as Tangerine Dream used to do so well. Percussion arrives near the midway point as mellotron strings join in. A bit later a light bubbly sequence fades in and the track takes off. The variations in mood, tone and timbre are perfect throughout. Equally good is the third track, a great Radio Massacre International impersonation from the accomplished sequencing to the haunting choirs at the end. The RMI references continue on the energetic fourth number, again just stellar in the hypnotic loops. This is easily some of Klare’s best work. Majestic piano and soaring strings mellow things soothingly on “Memorial Dream 5.” Then comes the best track of all, again distilling the essence of RMI’s sound into a fantastic 15-minute package. The sequencing is edgier and more lively than the already vibrant sounds preceding it. Another standout is track eight, with a danceable beat that works surprisingly well with the rest. Even the somewhat cute “Memorial Dream 9” works well as a lighter diversion. Memorial Dreams is excellent from start to finish. (PD)

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