Foreign Spaces - Being Creature

Foreign Spaces - Being Creature

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SynGate CD-R FS02 [mit Original CD Cover] veröffentlicht 1996

I enthused over Foreign Spaces' debut album 'UFO Breakfast' saying how much British EM fans should like it, especially noting the similarity at times to John Dyson. Well, with this album Foreign Spaces will have more than just John Dyson fans enthusing. The music covers so many styles, and does them so well, that it's incredible to think it's just two artists producing all the tracks. 'Wormhole' is a robust opener with syncopating sequences jostling with some choice lead lines. 'Garden of Lore' changes style completely with bright flutey synth motifs and birdsong in the mould of Richard Burmer. Complete change again for 'Midgard Snake', and what a track this is! Wouldn't be out of place on AirSculpture's 'Attrition System' with some wonderful lead synth lines and sequences. 'Lost Eden' will have John Dyson fans in ecstasy and dusting off their copies of 'Evolution' to hear the great man in top form. The title track is a strange quirky affair, but it's only a couple of minutes before the 19 minute 'Nebula' comes along. Like Wavestar? Like TD (in 'Logos Live' form)? Then you'll like the opening 10 minutes of this! A brilliant sequence driven romp, and the last half of the track is no slouch either. If you want to hear half an hour of some of the most enjoyable and varied EM produced all year then buy this and select 'Nebula', 'Midgard Snake' and 'Lost Eden' on your CD player. It's as easy as that. (GG)

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