Colin Rayment - Abstract Dimensions

Colin Rayment - Abstract Dimensions

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SynGate CD-R CR01
veröffentlicht 2015

SynGate CD-R CR01
veröffentlicht 2015

The latest album of Colin Rayment could be tagged as cinematic electronic music - with a focus on electronic analogue synths and many melodic effects.

Within the confines of his studio in North London Colin Rayment has been creating his own particular brand of electronic music since 2007.

Born in the UK, Colin´s enthusiasm for electronic music started from an early age. Subjected to electronic music by his two elder brothers, he soon realised his passion when he bought his first monophonic analogue synth in the early 80´s.
Some years had to pass with other task until Colin released his first album in 2002 with the help of Dave Law (MusicZeit). With this and along with radio play, a wider audience got aware of Colin in the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Abstract Dimensions bei Bandcamp

Abstract Dimensions bei MusicZeit

Eine nette Bemerkung über dieses Album ist bei Dreamscape Radio zu finden, wo in der Episode 334 etwas aus diesem Album gespielt wird:

"Special attention to this great release Rayment. Colin - Abstract Dimensions. It has been spinning in my CD player many times the last weeks and I think it a great album that many who love Berlin School will enjoy!" (Ron Boots, Groove Records)

Sylvain Lupari (Sequences): "I've been listening to this Colin Rayment album since two days now. Wonderful music with a unique sonic texture. Give it a try, 2 or 3 listenings will be needed, and you will be blown away. Guarantee..."

Final Review by Sylvain Lupari: …Sculpting sounds to make a symphony based on perceptions. It's the basis of “Abstract Dimensions”, the latest opus, and the very first on the German label (SynGate), of Colin Rayment; a sound sculptor and synth wizard from England.

And I owe assure you that the discovery of this “Abstract Dimensions” was stimulated by sound elements and structures which became more and more attractive, of title titular, from minute to minute.

“Abstract Dimensions” is a very intense musical journey into minds set to challenge the ideas behind each name of the track. But if you are reluctant to such an exercise, just keep in mind that the music is simply great. We are not really far from the Berlin School style without being there really. We are in Colin Rayment's mind!

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