Betzler & Brückner - TWO

Betzler & Brückner - TWO

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SynGate CD-R MBTB01
veröffentlicht 2015

Anyone who likes the ambient and Berlin School style of Michael Brückner may like this album anyway, but this time its added by some more rhythm, when Tommy Betzler plays the drums.

Another highlight are Brückner`s guest musicians on guitar (Sammy David) and on clarinet (Fryderik Jona)
Hearing clarinet in electronic music is very special and pretty unique.

1. (Not) Too Late (11:34)

2. Two Worlds (Inside One Mirror) (9:16)

3. Gaia (A Suite In Two Parts) (25:33)

4. Monsoon (Too Soon) (12:08)

5. (One) To The Flame of Hope (18:36)

Tommy Betzler: gongs, percussion & electronic drums

Michael Brückner: synthesizer & programming

Sammy David: electric guitar (tracks 1 & 3)

Fryderyk Jona: clarinette, moog solo, synths (tracks 2 & 5)

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