BBOM Music Backpack

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BBOM Musik Backpack

Number : 1712111100
Measure (B x H x T): 380 x 500 x 160 mm 
Volume    14 Liter    
Color    Schwarz    
Weight    1,78 kg    

Headset off the ear, a sensation fills the world: very good sound, how it comes normally from bulky boxes, can now be easily transported! You can also say such a box has turned over to a backpack.
With its pleasant form and almost weightless, it snuggles up against your body and promises what only headsets and Miniboxes do: You and your friends are floated with music selected by your- selves – be it at home, picnicking near the riverside, or on the way to those locations. And all in high quality: undilut- ed, galore and if you want: loud.
The concept of the BBOM Music back- pack is as simple as it is great: an ergo- nomic backpack in noble black offers you lots of space for a laptop, a bread- box, documents and others. The stereo is placed at the bottom of the backpack and you receive your songs via Blue- tooth by any additional music source. There are two loudspeakers that can be
regulated up to 80dB, that surround you with the soundtrack in compliance with your wishes – you can listen to rock or soft music. Also contained at the bottom of the backpack there is a powerbank which grants you music non–stop up to 8 hours. It can also be used as a battery charger, in case your phone accumulator leaves you in the lurch once again.A bass hole located under the powerbank accentuates the sound additionally.
For his smart look in diamond shape, the BBOM Music Backpack has been awarded with the
Red Dot Award for Product Design 2017.
You should be the first music lover that goes through the city with a stylish sound diamond!
The rocking back!

Diamond shape
Shell Waterproof
5000mAh Lithium Ion battery inside
- to charge the phone (compatibel both with Micro-USB _and_ iPhone)
- or 8 hours nonstop music
4.0 Bluetooth
2 Stereo-speakers