Pete Farn - Alcyone XD2

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SynGate Dist. DVD-PF01 [FARN]
released 2012
DVD-5 PAL 16:9 Dolby Digital 2.0 ca. 62 min

Pete Farn´s DVD ALCYONE XD2 combines his ambient music with images from a strange, fascinating world. The cover text says:
Get on board of our spaceship and let us take you on a fantastic, interstellar journey to the fantasy planet ALCYONE XD2. After our long, adventurous trip through asteroid fields and having passed many planets we finally reach our final destination. Pete Farn, musician and 3D-programmer has created a new, wonderful world in breathtaking 3D animations that is so different from our earth. Unreal landscapes, endless silver seas, forbidden solitudes with unique, crop-like creatures fire our imagination. Transparent liquid creatures are dancing in front of our eyes and are catching our attention. These unique scenes are accompanied by the electronic music of the artist which is alone worthwhile to listen to - even without the videos. Together they build a strong unit which will fascinate from start to the end.

01 Cruising
02 Blue In, Blue Out
03 Inside
04 Cycle
05 Mirrorscapes
06 Into The Eye
07 Sphera
08 Awakening
09 Skyworlds
10 Chroma
11 Greenfloat
12 Hide-And-Seek

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