Pyramid Peak - Roots


Pyramid Peak - Roots

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SynGate Distribution MRCD 7104
released 2017

Roots is probably the most emotional CD from Pyramid Peak. A review of 30 years of friendship and musical partnership, deeply connected by the common passion for electronic music. When Andreas Morsch and Axel Stupplich first met in 1987 they didn’t know that this connection would last until 2017. Today – 30 years later – they can look back to 10 common CD releases and many live gigs in Europe. Since their beginning Andreas and Axel remained true to the Berlin School type of electronic music. But they have created their own style which can be described best as the typical “Pyramid Peak Sound”. This sound has come to perfection on Roots: sparkling sequences, driving beats and empathic melodies with almost epic sound sculptures. This album is the essence of all previous releases and a milestone in the history of the band. But Roots is also a gift which Andreas and Axel made themselves for their 30th anniversary. And a gift for all their fans which joined the journey of Pyramid Peak until today. 

Andreas Morsch & Axel Stupplich in March 2017 

Prelistening via Bandcamp

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