Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - "Red"

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SynGate Dist. MRCD 7095
released 2011

This CD from 2012 features 67 minutes of spry electronic music.Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller and Mario Schönwälder play Schrittmacher sequencers, Memotron (from Manikin Electronic), and Virus Synthesizer (from Access Music). Audio mastering was done by Gerd Wienekamp (from Rainbow Serpent).This release marks a more rhythmic outing for these musicians, lacing their evolving electronic cycles with pronounced percussion.Despite the more upbeat nature of this music, its style and structure is quite similar to past efforts by the musicians. Sequences are generated and set to run, gradually evolving into more complex patterns. Auxiliary riffs enter the mix, bringing about more drastic changes in the flow, building the sonic tapestry into a grandiose composition of lavish scope. The rhythms enhance this escalation, injecting tempos which provide delightful locomotion. Besides contributing tasty tempos in the mix, there are instances in which the beats command the music with an array of inventive sounds, blending bass beats with patters akin to handclaps. Dramatic piano passages lend a distinct majesty to the music, made especially haunting by the textural backdrops provided by additional electronics of a gentle character. This music brims with a certain vitality, a spry verve not just accountable to the presence of percussives, but also established by the animated electronics. The bouncy nature of the music is remarkably alluring, drawing in the listener through its artful presentation of dreamy electronics laced with more demonstrative riffs. With only three tracks on this CD, each song is afforded ample time to evolve and achieve shimmering crescendos.

Matt Howarth /