Picture Palace Music - "Somnambulistic Tunes"

Picture Palace Music - "Somnambulistic Tunes"

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SynGate Dist. MRCD 7081
released 2007

  1. Overture     04:06
  2. Little town of Holstenwall    04:34
  3. Annual fair    05:14
  4. Somnambulistic    05:04
  5. Streets of Holstenwall    02:55
  6. Night, Night, Night    07:36
  7. Help, murder, help    06:23
  8. Funfair 1919    02:34
  9. Jane and Cesare    02:00
  10. The funural night    03:38
  11. Jane`s nightmare    01:24
  12. On the run    04:10
  13. Celebrating fears Part II     02:27
  14. Invastigation    13:35
  15. Twilight of the invalid    00:45
  16. Lunatic Asylum    04:42
  17. Final    03:52


Thorsten “Q” Quaeschning is head of the Project “Picture Palace music”. Main idea of the group is to reproduce the musical dynamic and experiments of old “live” accompaniment for silent movies and to give them a modern soundtrack with nowadays technical options. This shows that the old silent movies are not “moldy”: They are timeless and fascinating! The music, which Thorsten “Q” Quaeschning has composed inspired by the more than eighty years old silent movie is outstanding. The seventeen powerful tracks “Somnambulistic Tunes” are a deep trip into a mystical world of sounds!


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