Thomas Fanger - Parlez-vous électronique?

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SynGate Dist. MRCD 7076
released 2010



Sometimes, I receive a cd that touches me immediately and doesn't let me loose again. This is such a cd. Fanger comes from the "school" of Mario Schönwälder and that leads to high quality electronic music, most of the time. Fanger has also released music together with Schönwälder. This is an album that can be filed under "retro/Berlin School", but it does not follow the known paths. A hint: 1970s Tangerine Dream meets 1970s Ashra. "Vanilla Crush" opens the cd rather traditionally with a "Phaedra" like sequence over which a diversity of sounds is laid, like Mellotron samples, digital synth sounds and electric guitar. Absolutely not original, but certainly it is great.

In "Twinkling Sun" the atmosphere moves to that of Ashra with calm sequences, simple but fitting drum sounds and guitar. Also in "Pure Dreams" and "Aquanaut" this is the case. In "Jungle Bar" the spacey guitar sound of "Cosmic" Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock can be heard. Here, the influence of Ashra clearly is present (as well as Manuel Goettsching solo). "The Lost Track", with rock rhythms, has traces of the early music of Biosphere. "Velvet Beach" comes with a brilliant sequence.

After the quiet track with the fitting title "Calm", "The Land Of Milk And Honey" is one of the best retro pieces I have ever heard. This sort of sequencer dominated music seems so simple, but you must come with it. For me, this is one of the top electronic albums of the year.

Paul Rijkens