Traumklang - Strange Worlds

Traumklang - Strange Worlds

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SynGate CD-R TK25
released 2013



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WIth the new 2013 album "Strange Worlds" Carola Zauchner invites to a musical spacejourney to visit strange worlds, comets, planets and stars.

Traumklang uses the following instruments:

Roland D10 multitimbral Synthesizer
Yamaha SS30 String-Synthesizer
Casio sample Player
Farfisa compact duo-organ
Casio mini-Synthesizer
Yamaha PSS Keyboard
Yamaha DD50 drums
Roland Juno60 Synthesizer
Roland Jupiter4 Synthesizer
historic Magnus organ

Carola Zauchner always was interested in  astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. So she tried to give those phenonemons a musical shape, although this is not possible in reality, as all events in space are without any noise. You will never hear a supernova acoustically, but only receive its waves via radiotelescope and transform this into audiosignals. Voyager spacecraft recorded such spacewaves and broadcasted them back to earth. You find such material released in most fascinating CDs from NASA. The original electronic music is created in space! And Traumklang tries to interpret such signals in own sounds.

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