Traumklang - The Omen

Traumklang - The Omen

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SynGate CD-R TK06
released 1994 | reissued 2011



Ex SYNCO member Frank Klare and Carola Kern make up Traumklang for the first time. Of the 5 tracks on the album four are in the 10 to 20 minute bracket. ‘Oracle’ opens in dark mood with electronic rhythms and percussion dominating, and the latter half of the track serves up a feast of impressive sequences. The longest and king track is ‘The Omen’ which clocks in at just over the 19 minute mark. Frank Klare had a hand in writing this piece and immediately it shows. Robust sequencing is the order of the day and thoughts of SYNCO easily come to mind. This track may not be all that subtle but it’s certainly effective. The album closes with the (relatively) short ‘Mystic Visions’ presenting pin sharp sequences and some strong melodic embellishments. (GG)

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