Traumklang - Die Legende von Samandaria

Traumklang - Die Legende von Samandaria

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SynGate Distribution CD-R TK-Sam
released on vinyl 1989 (Woodberry Records), CD-r 2001, re-release 2017

"Die Legende von Samandaria" is a typical release from the late 80s that takes up the desire of phantasies about a better world in contradiction to the sobering sounds of New Wave at theses times. Musically this is expressed by compositions in a style between Krautrock and Kraftwerk. 
The former vinyl album is not available anymore as well as the CD-r re-release in 2001, so Carola Zauchner (née Kern) decided to give this album a rebirth to prevent a loss of this composition 28 years later. 

Composed and arranged by – Traumklang
Lyrics by – Vincent Woodberry
Vocals by - Manfred Schneider

Performer [Guest] – Dominik Ebert, Markus Häußler, Matthias Müller, Peter Schaefer
Written-by – Carola Zauchner, (née Kern)

Download as well available via Bandcamp

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