Realtime - Lights Of The Universe - Remaster 2018

Realtime - Lights Of The Universe - Remaster 2018

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SynGate CD-R RT02 Remaster 2018

On the occasion of 10 years existence of the duo REALTIME, Thomas Bock remastered both older albums "Journey Into Space" und Lights Of The Universe" completely and improved the final touch with much better transparency and auditory source width in 2014. Additionally you find on both album so far not before released new tracks, that were composed and arranged by Thomas Bock in occasion of 10 years REALTIME.

The album has been remastered again now in 2018, mainly to enable a 24Bit Download at Bandcamp. Anyway, the music benefits as well from more dynamic and crispy sounds on the CD.

Find a very detailed review from the former release at Synths&Sequences

bandcamp_130x27_blue 24Bit Download at Bandcamp

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