Wolfgang Nachahmer - Synchromystik

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SynGate CD-R WN04
released 2019

Wolfgang Nachahmer keeps his secrets. No one knows, who he is, so his music is purely what you hear and not what you might expect if you knew the well known artist behind this album. The musician follows his great needs to play Berlin School with lots of creative excesses. This fourth album is a bit darker than the albums before, and its straight in its melodies, rhythms and sequences. Old school lovers will love this album as of its celebration of Berlin School and those, who like to listen to changes in familiar sounds will be surprised about the fresh colours of Wolfgang Nachahmers interpretation of this style.

W. Nachahmer plays Arp Omni 2, Arp Odyssey MK3, Oberheim 2 voice, Polymoog, Micromoog, Multimoog, Moog Little Phatty, Crumar DS-2, Korg O1W/fd, Korg ER-1,Kawai 100P, Kawai K5000S, Roland JD800, Yamaha A4000 sampler, electric and acoustic guitars.

Produced, composed and arranged by 
W.Nachahmer © 2019 



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HQ-release by SynGate Records 2019

bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

Feedback by Beata from El Stacja (PL):

The deep, classic and great atmosphere of the Berlin school will make the album a real musical discovery. Excellent music, the magic of which will bring us closer Wolfgang

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