Wolfgang Nachahmer - Hexenkessel

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SynGate CD-R WN01
released 2017

Berlin School with psychedelic vibes" (Sylvain Lupari)

Wolfgang Nachahmer is a pseudonym for an artist, who is well established internationally as an electronic musician since decades and wanted to compose a solo album with all the ideas, he had for years about his affinity to Berlin School style. 
The album is like a country outing in the summer, whisking sequences and melodic paintings, a change of pure Berlin School and Ambient landscapes. 
The artist will keep anonymus for a while to give the music a chance to be heard without any allocation to the music he will be associated with, when his real name gets clear. Maybe later his identity will determined.

Instruments used: oberheim2voice-Polymoog-micromoog-elkarhapsody-arpomni-arpodyssey-korgpolysix-crumards2-moogopus3-yamahace20-yamahacs15-Rolandjd800-korgms10-rolandtr808-rolandmc202-percussion-fieldrecording-selectric-and-acousticguitar-DoepferA100 

Produced, composed and arranged by 
W.Nachahmer © 2017 

Pictures by W. Nachahmer 

Coverlayout by CabGuy* 

Marketed by 
CabGuy* Music Production 

HQ-release by SynGate Records 2017

bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

A detailed review by Sylvain Lupari (Synths & Sequences) is to be found

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