Vanderson - From The Bottom Of Space

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Review by Bert Strolenberg:

A few years back I was impressed by the music featured on Vanderson’s album "Echoes of Darkness". "From the Bottom of Space"(composed between 2008 and 2009) doesn’t disappoint either. 

This time the vintage music is offered in shorter tracks and seems to focus more on soundscaping on the first half of the album. On the second half, the music has a backbone of more up-front sequencers. 
After the atmospheric and rather mysterious opener "Imagination", "Neutron Star" and the five tracks after it nicely follow the path of imaginary but at the same time also rather quiet electronics. The 17-minute track "Below the Horizon" illustrates that properly. 
Following up to this piece is the 7-minute"Dreams about another world", one of the best pieces on the cd. While slightly reminding of Schulze’s golden live-years, it nicely mixes vintage choir pads, sequencers, drums and a solo-voice. The final tracks "The Return (Earth Moving part 3)" brings the 55-minute release to a nice closing in a happy, sequenced fashion. 
Bert Strolenberg

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