TM Solver - Oxymoron

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Syngate CD-R TM14
released 2020

The latest album by TM Solver takes its focus on new Berlin School with new arrangements and techniques. In its flow, the music easily takes you to a kind of positive path. Lively sequencer runs change with wide soundscapes. The transition between the tracks happen to be intriguing compostions of deep detail that result in a joy of emotional appeal once you start to latch your inner rhythm with the music. The journey does not end before more but 73 minutes have passed and the album makes you fancy to repeat listening soon. 

TM Solver plays: 

Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer; live Programming; Sampler 

Composing, Arrangement and Mastering: Thomas Meier 

Marketed by CabGuy* Music Production 

Photographs: Thomas Meier

"Oxymoron" at Bandcamp 

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