TM Solver - Auscultare

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SynGate CD-R TM06
released 2013



This album is a sound concept which gets back to Berlin School style more again.

The GRP A4 analog synthesizer is being used the first time in the track „Magno Cum Tempore“

"Cum Tempore" was created from the sounds, that were done for the "Wellenfeld-Synthese-System" during the CTM festival in Berlin in spring 2013 (see inside cover)

"Auscultare" (lat.) means "close listening"


Review by Dave Law (MusicZeit)

Another well know Berlin School artist on Syngate is TM solver. His latest ‘Auscultare’ takes a rather laid back and stripped down take on the style. The sequences and rhythms are slow and gentle, just bubbling along nicely, soft floating pads and delicate little melodies weaving amongst pulsations. The last two tracks are my favourites, being quite exquisite.


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