TM Solver - Sparkling

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SynGate CD-R TM05
released 2013



This album was created as a sound concept. It was a new development for TM Solver as an artist. The track "Sparkling" represents a new headstone.
The other tracks continue the work of the previous album "Line On Glass" that was a milestone in the artistic output of TM Solver

" The combination of old style/modern sounds and a fantastic mastering/mix....lovely!... a personal and unique style of music can be heard on 'Sparkling'... something I always look forward to making the day.... ~TC, "

"On most of ‘Sparkling’ TM Solver continues on from his previous album ‘Line on Glass’. The music is quite varied but also rather meditative. Restrained but rather pleasant rhythms chug along over a swirling backing of soothing and warm pads. A very pleasant album indeed." (Dave Law, MusicZeit)


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