E-Tiefengrund - Fusion Machines

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SynGate CD-R TI05
released 2018

The fifth album by E-Tiefengrund is the successor of Voltage Sessions IV

Voltage Sessions are live jam sessions in the Tiefengrund- studio with mainly analogue modular synthesizers. 

Recording happens absolutely live with 8 or 16 step sequencers, no overdubs are being used. Mixing is realtime during the session. The result is a stereo-track that can be mastered finally. 
Of course those recording sessions are a result of developing, the synth sounds have been tested and and played during rehearsal sessions before, as well as the sequences, that have already been programmed. 

You could compare this with the prparation of a long trip, a journey to far and unexplored countries, you plan a rough route, but the end is unknown, the path is the goal. 

So we never know where the journey will end, from the first sound on we let us carry from the flow, all happens intuitively, plans get lost, new sounds get created spontanuosly, a transposing here, a little solo there, a sequence recedes to give room for another, the mixer works out as the conductor, everything gets under tension - or in other words: voltage (sessions)


bandcamp_130x27_blue Album as well available as a digital download from Bandcamp

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