E-Tiefengrund - Voltage Sessions

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SynGate CD-R TI01
released 2013

E-Tiefengrund is the electronic project from "Tiefengrund" aka Silvia & Michael Kempe

Voltage Sessions are live jam sessions in the Tiefengrund- studio with mainly analogue modular  synthesizers.

Recording happens absolutely live with 8 or 16 step sequencers, no overdubs are being used.  Mixing is realtime during the session. The result is a stereo-track that can be mastered finally.

Of course those recording sessions are a result of developing, the synth sounds have been tested and and played during rehearsal sessions before, as well as the sequences, that have already been programmed. 

You could compare this with the prparation of a long trip, a journey to far and unexplored countries, you plan a rough route, but the end is unknown, the path is the goal.

So we never know where the journey will end, from the first sound on we let us carry from the flow, all happens intuitively, plans get lost, new sounds get created spontanuosly, a transposing here, a little solo there, a sequence recedes to give room for another, the mixer works out as the conductor, everything gets under tension - or in other words: voltage (sessions)

Review by Dave Law, MusicZeit:
Even more hard core Berlin School but also on Syngate is ‘Voltage Sessions’ by E-Tiefengrund. There are four long tracks here where the analogue synths and sequences weave the most wonderful multi layered patterns morphing expertly this way and that, the length of the tracks giving plenty of room for effective and inventive improvisation. The melodies are subtle and backing textures spot on but it is the sequences that are loud, proud and provide the main focus. A real winner.


http://www.musiczeit.com/directory.php?artist=1851 Download is also available



Review by Sylvain Lupari (Synths&Sequences):

SynGate | CD-R T101 (CD-r 70:44) ****½

Twisted sound filaments escape from the cables of the synth beast, molding a dialogue of extraterrestrials of which the hoarse and threatening voices are floating more that they speak. A fine line of sequences gets out from there. It aligns its jumping keys in a slow circular rhythm of which the upward curve rises and comes down with fine variances in the rhythm and especially in the melody. Some sober and robotics electronic percussions stimulate the imperfect schema of "Early Fluctuations". The knocks are curt and frank. They gnash as much that they resound on a structure of rhythm which widens its fine stroboscopic strip and gets through a thick cloud of electronic tones which chirp under the romantic breaths of a synth and of its solos to the soft perfume of cosmic breezes. The brain is conquered while the ears ask for more of it. And there will be again. More than 70 minutes of sound delight where one would believe to be in the borders of Software, period Electronic-Universe and of Richard Pinhas (Heldon) on his splendid L'Éthique. Everything is there. The tones of a cosmos filled by some eclectic cracklings as well as the sequences and their shadows which pill up into rhythms with the variances so soft than their melodies to timbres of ice. These minimalist and circular rhythms swirl with slight limps which roam in their imperfect circles, dancing in some magnetising ritornellos under delicate synths with lunar and morphic solos which sing and float of their holds as much hypnotic as the rhythms. Silvie von Tiefengrund and Mick von Tiefengrund bring us where Mergener&Weisser had forgotten us. And nevertheless …
Recorded live, in a one track way with no overdubs, in the studio of E-Tiefengrund, “Voltage Sessions” is monumental. Not because of its strength but of its delicate subtlety in its minimalist rhythms and harmonies. We are witness of the construction, phases by phases, of 4 long tracks which are alike, except for "Power Station", but from whom the subtle variances make totally independent. It's the perfect album to depict the magic of the minimalist art in what the electronics has of more beautiful to offer; ambient rhythms surrounded by twisted solos of which the fine variations are real electronic carousels for ears. The intro of "Energy Bells" is forged on the same rules. The rhythm is slower and swirls on sequences to tones of lunar prisms which alternate and intertwine their rhythmic tones in a motionless ballet which lets itself flatter by an ingenious play of percussions among which the bass pulsations, the smothered yakking and the banging of carbon dioxide are weaving the rampart of a long sequenced anaconda which waves in the cosmic plains under a synth and its raging solos. Magnetic, the rhythm is changing of skin as of tone, kissing the quintessence of the minimalist electronic art while, heavier and freer of its undisciplined keys, "Power Station" is rebelling constantly against this minimalist envelope which chews a more linear structure. Older twin brother of "Early Fluctuations", "Synthetic Vitality" is the most beautiful track of “Voltage Sessions”. The rhythm is always so Teutonic. Sober and very mathematical, it pounds on buzzing pulsations and percussions always so symmetric. The beauty is this string of sequences which agglutinate themselves in this lunar procession, shaping tens of young steps which trample on their heels and of which the only outcome remains a superb harmonic envelope which unscrews the brain. The synths are as much sober as the percussions. Nevertheless they have their biggest importance by weaving discreet harmonies, which fit to the fine variances of the morphic rhythm, and dreamy solos which can't repress this absolute certainty that Richard Pinhas' hypnotic sequences in L'Éthique has largely influenced E-Tiefengrund. I may be wrong, but the resemblance is such as …
Minimalist rhythms with morphic stroboscopic structures, simplistic and attractive percussions and electronic melodies like the first works of Kraftwerk and some cosmic storms à la Software, “Voltage Sessions” from E-Tiefengrund is simply charming! It's a pure breath of freshness which reminds us the beautiful years of the analog movements where the simplicity had as much charm as the works forged in the labyrinths of the dishevelled structures where very often melodies got lost in the quest of an absolute creativity. It's a superb album that I devoured from start to end, saying that the simple things are often part of the most beautiful ones. If you are looking for these hypnotic corridors forgotten in L'Éthique and Electronic-Universe, I strongly recommend you this “Voltage Sessions”.
Sylvain Lupari (July 21st,2013)

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