TMA - RAL 5002

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SynGate CD-R TA04
released 2013



TMA’s ‘RAL 5002’ is a tribute to the legendary PPG Wave 2.3 synthesiser and is likely to be one of the most popular albums in this update as it mixes Berlin School stylings with lovely melodies, good rhythms and some excellent subtle guitar which occasionally gives it a little of a soft rock feel. Most of the tracks are fairly upbeat with the occasional laidback moment. (Dave Law)


Review from "Empulsiv":

Torsten Abel  is one of the musicians who pulled up very much in the last months - although being active since years his project “TMA” seems to have waited just for the right moment now – there seems no other explanation for it, why those highlights from now not have been unveiled earlier. Perhaps it was another ripening process that overtook the artist working on his felicitous album as well as his gig at E-Day in Oirschot (NL) that each lifted the quality standard to a new level. And it is to the credit of this artist´s cooperation-affinity and a clever move at the same time to reinforce the band with additional musicians. Especially Martin Rohleder´s guitar added an essential touch. It seems, Abel found his own EM-classification, as his sound is unique now and of distinctive quality. But I am sure, Torsten will not rest on laurels of the current level and we were just witness of the starting mission “TMA goes higher”. Oh yes…and the musical and ultramarine bow in front of the PPG Wave should have succeeded shouldn´t it? Had it been a HAL 9000, he/it had confirmed pretty sure! Well done! (Stefan Erbe, translated by K. Schloemp-Uelhoff)

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