Syndromeda - Circles Of Life

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SynGate CD-R SS15
released 1997/ re-released 2013

Syndromeda´s "Circles Of Life" was out of print since years but is back now with a SynGate re-release. The album contains 6 tracks between 8 to 14 minutes length, each of it unique Syndromeda-sound, as fans of this artist love it. A must have for any fan of Syndromeda, who does not yet own this album. And for explorers in new unique sounds of analogue sequencers, rhythm and slowly developing sequencermelodies which are looking for some slight change to Schulze & Co, this album is worth a try

Circles of Life was my second album and tells the story about beginning and end and beginning fact like Ourobouros. All our life is one big circle, all we do has a purpose to come to the next stage. (Danny Budts - Syndromeda)

Review by Dave Law:

‘Circles of Life’ is the second CD outing by Syndromeda aka Danny Budts. I was impressed by his first CD ‘Mind Trips’ but honestly this album is in a completely different league. The opener ‘Infinity’ starts with dark rumblings over an even darker, constantly shifting, tapestry of sound. Then comes an absolutely stunning, take no prisoners, sequence with a whole host of cosmic effects hitting you between the eyes. The sequence builds and shifts and another simple but captivating sequence plays over the top. If you aren’t in love with the album by now then obviously sequencers / analogue sounds are not your thing. What is more the track just gets better and better. It is over all too soon.

What sounds like a battle in deep space gets ‘Nightwalks’ under way in a non compromising fashion. Things calm down a little then a chunky sequence slowly begins. Another is introduced and the track chugs along mid paced. So much happens in Danny’s tracks that without the sequences providing a reference point it would be difficult to take it all in. A blistering lead line scorches over the top like a meteor and again things come to a conclusion too soon. There is no messing about on ‘The Ring of Power’ either as we get straight into a ballsy sequence, again first rate. Crystalline splashes of sound bombard the sequence which responds in return by turning up the intensity. An amazing drum line enters but the laser sharp lead just doubles the power in response. Honestly some of you will be just sitting open mouthed in amazement by now - I know I was! Classic sequence number four gets the next track ‘Interferenz’ under way and you could hardly say that it was low in the mix! I am in danger here of running out of superlatives. Oh bugger it, let’s just say another stunner and leave it at that.

‘Circles of Life’ comes next. It is probably the weakest track on the album and the opening section could have done with being a little shorter but still absolutely amazing. The final track ‘Best of Both Worlds’ begins with a basic piano melody that is certainly different than anything that has gone before. The same melody is transferred to synth and a little later the sequence enters and things become more interesting. A snare drum gives the track depth and things bubble along nicely but don’t quite scale the same heights as the first four numbers.

If you have not guessed by now I rather like this album. I review a lot of sequencer albums but on the first four tracks this really does rank amongst the best. Syndromeda whilst remaining true to this form of music has developed a separate style all of his own that will captivate most that listen to it. (DL)


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