Shinpal - Momentary Disappeared Memory

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SynGate CD-R SP02

released 2020

The japanese artist "Shinpal", who recorded quite a number of albums in selfproduction, before he joined SynGate  releases now his second SynGate album.
We know it all, this phenomenon, short moments like an amnesia, suddenly the brain strikes, just what we wanted to do or to think about is vanished in a second, like bewitched. Sometimes caused by stress or emotional loads, sometimes just without any obvious reason out of the blue. 
"Momentary Disappeared Memory" is a musical approach to this phenomeon. A calm album like a personal contemplation, letting go, breathing, relaxing. And then the memory comes back.

10 Tracks take you to this trip.

Produced, composed and arranged by 

Shinpal © 2020 

Coverlayout by CabGuy* 

Marketed by 
CabGuy* Music Production 

A SynGate CD-R(elease) 
SynGate 2020

(*CabGuy is Kilian Schloemp)

Momentary Disappeared Memory at Bandcamp



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