Mark Dorricott & STAN DART - Seaside (2CD)

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SynGate Wave CD-R SD07
released 2019

For over a year Mark and I were working on this album, having the idea to return to the Bladerunner universe. We started this voyage on the album "midnight" some years ago and we felt there a few more stories to tell.

Disc one: ("the human side") is where you find stories about Deckard and Rachael. In particular during the time between the two movies, where they must have had some good times too, although their world was not the nicest place to live in. 
Disc two: ("the replicant side") is about those artificial creatures - misunderstood and abused - a new form of slaves. What did they think about themselves, what about having memories which weren't their own ones? What about working in space, risking their short life in daily routine for a mankind which wanted to kill them?

Vocals on "It's a rainy day" by Ms. King 
"Memories of Tommorrow" previously unreleased instrumental version
All songs written and played by Mark Dorricott and Stan Dart, 
except "Fading (Away)": Track written by Vangelis and 
played by Mark Dorricott and Stan Dart. 

Mixed and produced by Stan Dart at Studio 43D, Graz/Austria. 
Mastering by Stephen Sherrard at DBar Studios, Seattle/USA 

All space related pictures by courtesy of 
Wave picture by courtesy of Peter Marriott. 
Thanks to Tobias Fischer for your support! 

Dart_Productions © 2018; All rights reserved. 

Marketed by CabGuy* Music Production 
SynGate 2019 

(*CabGuy is Kilian Schloemp)

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