STAN DART - Hometown Memories (2-CD)

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SynGate Wave 2-CD-R SD05
Originially released with support of the town of Graz in 2016
Re-release after exhausted first edition 2018

Graz - my hometown.To write a musical hommage about this town is quite challenging. So many famous artists were born here (or started a worldwide career from here) - Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Robert Stolz, also some of the greatest Austro-Pop legends like Schiffkowitz (STS) and Thomas Spitzer (EAV) are deeply connected with this twon. One of the greatest Austrian bands (whom I already had the honour to work together with) - OPUS - decided to settle down near Graz too.

Being aware of these legends from Graz, I wasn`t intimidated but continued my plans for this project. I`m proud to live in a town that influenced so many artists before!

So, during many walks I refreshed my memories and I became inspired by the permanent change in the architectural skyline of Graz, and also by many personal events in the recent past that taught me to have a different perspective on this town. 

I`m sure this is the first electronic soundtrack written for Graz. But don`t be dismayed, electronic music is a wonderful way to create soundscapes and moods to describe feelings which are connected with a building or certain place. Although the music is made with electronic instruments, the music itself doens`t sound artificially. The music comes from my heart and with every piece of music I want to tell a certain story - and that makes the music being alive.

So, have fun while listening and walking through "my" Graz.

Richard - STAN DART - Hasiba


Hometown Memories at Bandcamp



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