STAN DART - Ecclesia (2-CD)

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SynGate Wave 2-CD-R SD03
released 2017

Electronic music inspired by a church? Maybe this sounds a bit unusual 
but it is not impossible. After I finished my work on "Hometown Memories" 
(a musical description of my hometown Graz) I decided to concentrate on 
the cathedral here, as the architecture of this church fascinated me ever since.

Everyone who steps into a church knows that feeling of inner peace you get after
a while. With this feeling in me, I experienced the architecture in a very 
inspirational way and found a way to transport inspiration into music.

Of course, my faith influenced me while writing the music, but I tried to
concentrate on the inspiration caused by the buildings architecture. 
Still, I used typical ecclesiastical elements in my tracks, in order to describe
my feelings and not to transport stereotyped religious statements.

Thoughts about death and suffering (caused by war or by life itself), 
but also about the enormous joy of life. You will find all these feelings
- in one or the other way - manifested in the building of a church.
These thoughts inspired me to write this album, and I hope you like it!  

Ecclesia at Bandcamp



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