Mark Dorricott & STAN DART - Midnight

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SynGate Wave CD-R SD01
released 2016

Track titles like „Deckard´s Dream“ refer to the influence of the Bladerunner soundtrack offering as well some really fat orchestral soundscapes as the repeating piano vanishing into the background. But despite this influences „Midnight“ is no other copy of the Bladerunner soundscape but more a kind of forward projection of the story on a sound-based level. Put up your headphones to a dynamic level and close your eyes - the imagination of Bladerunners atmosphere will happen automatically

All music written, mixed and produced by Mark Doricott & Stan Dart © 2016 
Vocals on "Memories of Tomorrow" by Ms King 

Technical support and mastering by Stephen Sherrad at DBAR Productions 

Pictures by ESO, John Colosimo ( 
NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope 

Cover layout by Kilian Schloemp 
Marketed CabGuy Music Production (K.Schloemp) 
A SynGate-Wave release

Midnight at Bandcamp

Midnight at MusicZeit


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