Rudolf Heimann - Into The Unknown

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SynGate CD-R RH01
released 2013

Rudolf Heimann is back. Some listeners  already know him well from former releases, but now Heimann is back to a versatile SynGate release. The album tells stories about expeditions into the unknown, whether it was an arctic, a lunar or a continental mission. It was brave adventurers who were needed for those enterprises to bring light to unanswered questions or to quench the thirst of a pioneers mind. Some expeditions failed, others succeeded, but all of them left traces in the history of mankind. This is, what the album tells about with ten tracks and more than one hour.

Review by Dave Law, MusicZeit:

Rudolf Heimann has been around form many years but I think this is his first new album in some time. ‘Into The Unknown’ does not just cover Berlin School but the majority of the tracks do fit within that category. The sequences tend to be thick and chunky in a rather mid seventies analogue way but they are then mixed with quite driving rhythms. Melodically it is very strong. On some tracks these are subtle whilst on others they are cranked up to form scintillating scything lead lines. All the tracks have a character of their own, so interest is locked in from the very first moment until the end.

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