Pete Farn - Noodle+

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syngate luna cd-r pf16

released 2017

composed and performed 2017 by peter schaefer
produced 2017 by farn - artwork by peter schaefer

Synthesists know that "noodles" are not just for nutrition. Under "Noodles" we also understand a patch on the synthesizer, noodling around and around. A self meandering sound sculpture, more programming art, than music in the classical sense.

But one can arrange it. For example, split the Noodle, use parts of it in another composed context again, add new parts, play to it; create more "value", a plus.

Contrary to "Opera's Space" Pete Farn continues his experimental line with his solo projects.

"Noodle+" at Bandcamp (will be updated at release date)

"Noodle+" at MusicZeit


A customers notice to this album: "I think the Peter Schaefer album is the most extraordinary electronic album I've ever heard. Absolutely fascinating. It's almost like a piece by someone like Sir Harrison Birtwistle" (J.M., New Zealand)

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