Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda - Live at Cosmic Nights 2017

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syngate luna pdss04
released 2018

PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE & SYNDROMEDA is a cooperation between both of this artists from Rome (Italy) and Antwerp (Belgium)

"Two Aliens conversating in the silent space" is the title of this live-album, that refers to the former deep-space trilogy of both musicians. In May 2017 Perceptual Defence and Syndromeda performed a live concert in a closed former plant in Belgium (ZLDR Luchtfabriek Heusden-Zolder) in front of an audience waiting in exited attention for ambient space sounds amongst huge generators, machines, tubes and turbines. Anyone being present may have saved this indelible memory for ever. To give an emphasis to this memory as well as for friends of ambient music, who weren't able to visit that stunning event, this album is reason enough to be released now to at least give a musical impression.


Track 1-3. Two Aliens conversating in the silent Space
                   Phase 1  16,52
                   Phase 2  16,29
                   Phase 3  12,40
Track 4. Sounds from the Obscurity of the Dark Matter  8,13
Track 5. Twilight Experience  19,45

Tracks  1 - 4 are recorded live at the Cosmic Nights Festival, Saturday 20 May 2017, 
ZLDRLuchtfabriek @ Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Track 5 was recorded by Perceptual Defence at Musart Studio (Roma-Italy) and by 
Syndromeda at Syn-Sin Studio (Antwerp-Belgium) during February-April 2017
Final Album Editing and Mastering by Pierpaolo Bramonti at Bramonti Studio, Rome (Italy)

Thank you very much to Andreas Schwietzke for his great artwork of this album!

bandcamp_130x27_blue Album as well available as a digital download from Bandcamp

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