Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda - Wormhole

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PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE & SYNDROMEDA is a cooperation betwwen both of this artists from Rome (Italy) and Antwerp (Belgium)

"Wormhole" is the second album of this duo, continuing the trip through deep space with another alien encounter

Dave Law by MusicZeit listened to this album and said:

"Having Collaborated on one track on Perceptual Defence’s ‘Time Lines’ album (scroll down for review) and on their excellent previous joint album ‘Fear of the Emptiness Space’ they have teamed up for a second whole album. Following on from ‘Fear….’ they continue their eventful journey through the cosmos. There are four long tracks very much in the Berlin School style of mid seventies vintage but also with some excellent dark ‘picture music’ passages. Overall the album has a very analogue feel. The sequences are mean and moody and the backing extremely atmospheric but not over cluttered, space being used to great effect. Particularly on the second track the pulsations are so deep and ballsey they will make the ground shake. Turn up that volume! There are also many downright spooky moments, ideal dark sci fi material. If you want an exciting sequencer romp with laser sharp lead lines however, you really can’t do better than the apocalyptic last track ‘Into the Alien Machine’. Every track here is superb but on this number they create something really special. What a fantastic release!"


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bandcamp_130x27_blue Album as well available as a digital download from Bandcamp

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