Perceptual Defence - Time Lines (2CD)

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PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE is the musical project of Gabriele Quirici. Electronic musician from Rome (Italy) Perceptual Defence has composed and produced more than 40 cds.

Our Life is filled with emotive events both positive and negative and 
are through our senses that we can remember them. 
One of these senses, the hearing is the most important since we were Child.
In the last 5 Years I've collected short tracks or loops dominated by 
sequencers and arpeggiators created during or after emotive moments.

Initially my idea was to create a double CD of personal compositions but later I 
decided to split the album into two parts: a first CD made only by my compositions 
that I called Personal Time Lines, and a second cd (called Friends Time Lines) where 
I've invited some friends musicians to compose something on my music and put 
their own emotion on it.  
Time Lines is the result and I wish everyone not only to feel the emotions and the 
passion that Perceptual Defence (Gabriele Quirici) and my friends musicians gave
in composing these tracks, but above all to enjoy the music!

"Child Time" was recorded the 10th April 2012 the day after the birth 
of my second daughter Irene
"The Circular Sound (Healing Time)" was composed in July 2011 and
it is dedicated to my little patient Camilla, who after many years of
therapeutic labors has found the strength to live.
"Saluto ad una persona importante (Sad Time)" was recorded and played 
during a sad Afternoon the 13rd April 2013 the day after 
I had the sad news that Gianluigi Gasparetti (Oophoi) has died. This track is for him!  


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