Perceptual Defence - Illumina Tenebras

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syngate luna pd02

PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE is the musical project of Gabriele Quirici. Electronic musician from Rome (Italy) Perceptual Defence has composed and produced more than 40 cds. Part of them are original Soundtracks for Dance and Art performances.

track 1 recorded live by perceptual defence at la scarzuola, montegabbione (italy)
the 22th june 2013 for the "illumina tenebras" butoh dance performance
about the life of st. francis of assisi.

track 2 recorded live by perceptual pefence at the sasso pinzuto necropolis,
tuscania (italy) the 6th july 2013 for the "tur vinum" non company butoh dance performance
about the ancient etruscan ritual of the symposium.



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