Perceptual Defence - Physis

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PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE is the musical project of Gabriele Quirici. Electronic musician from Rome (Italy) Perceptual Defence has composed and produced more than 40 cds. Part of them are original Soundtracks for Dance and Art performances.

"Physis" is an emotional trip inside one of the most historical place in Ancona (Italy) where during the 18th century it was used as medical center for plague and leprosy patients. Now the place called "Mole Vanvitelliana" is used as cultural center. Perceptual Defence played live in this place in september 2012 and his purpose in this album was to reproduce the ambivalent feeling of this place full of historical pain but also great creativity.

Perceptual Defence is a new act to me but apparently he already has over forty albums out there! What is more, on the evidence of the newly uploaded ‘Physis’, I have really been missing something. There are four long tracks covering many styles, each one handled superbly well. There is one rollickin’ sequence based track, one that is quite ethereal and melodic and two others that take a much more traditional ambient approach. An additional guarantee of quality is that it is on the fantastic Syngate label. (Dave Law, MusicZeit)


A review by Sylvain Lupari (Synth&Sequences) is to be found here



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