MTA Lab - Autumnal (EP)

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Syngate CD-R MTA031 EP
released 2019

MTA Lab is a project from a cooperation of friends around Thomas Meier, aka TM Solver. The trio plays the basic structures live, then the recording is being edited and mastered in the studio of TM Solver. 

M for Marcel Margis 

T for Thomas Meier (TM Solver) 

A for Andre Danker 

The EP "Autumnal" happened to be a preliminary recording during the works in the studio for the third album "Autumn". Its an allegory for the way, the trio plays and records their music. As the musicians had roughly coordinated the red line for "Autumn", they started the recorder and began to play just for giving their ideas some space in a free development. Only 45 minutes later the came to an end and found this recording to be worth of getting its shape as an own EP. Only the volume was adapted to the final mix, everything else is 100% live. The EP was called "Autumnal" just as before Autumn starts, some autumnal signs are to be seen earlier. And this is, what the EP does, it gives the direction to the main album. 

Marcel Margis - Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer 

Thomas Meier - Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer; live Programming. 

Andre Danker - Synthesizer, Guitar 

Mastering und Arrangement: Thomas Meier 

Coverlayout by CabGuy* (*Kilian Schloemp) 

Marketed by CabGuy* Music Production 

"Autumnal at Bandcamp (24 Bit 48kHz)

(On special demand we offer this EP as well on DVD with a 24Bit 192kHz HiRes FLAC File for the price of 16,- Euro plus shipping) 

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