MTA Lab - Autumn

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Syngate CD-R MTA03
released 2019

MTA Lab is a project from a cooperation of friends around Thomas Meier, aka TM Solver. The trio plays the basic structures live, then the recording is being edited and mastered in the studio of TM Solver. 

M for Marcel Margis 

T for Thomas Meier (TM Solver) 

A for Andre Danker 

The Album "Autumn" is the third album by this trio. 


Marcel Margis - Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer 

Thomas Meier - Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer; live Programming. 

Andre Danker - Synthesizer, Guitar 

Mastering und Arrangement: Thomas Meier 

Coverlayout by CabGuy* (*Kilian Schloemp) 

Marketed by CabGuy* Music Production 

"Autum at Bandcamp (as 24 Bit 48kHz and additinally as 96kHz HiRes Download available)
See as well the EP "Autumnal" which is a 45-minutes one-track-live-recording from the preliminary stage when recording "Autumn"


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