MTA Lab - Synthetica

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Syngate CD-R MTA01
released 2016

MTA Lab is a new project from a cooperation from friends around Thomas Meier, aka TM Solver. The trio plays the basic structures live, then the recording is being edited and mastered in the studio of TM Solver.

M for Marcel Margis

T for Thomas Meier (TM Solver)

A for Andre Danker

The three musicians were inspired to create an own project by different concerts of other electronic bands, they visited.  The Album "Synthetica" resulted by lively exchange and new ideas of the trio. Quite obvious Tangerine Dream had influence on some of those ideas.

This album is a new and current interpretation of the classic "Berlin School" style, added by an emphasis to groovy sounds.  

1- ATM Resonanz        13:06

2- Scritti Funk        07:58

3- Complexion        07:46

4- Dawn Voices        16:53

5- Synthetica        16:29

6- Ice Dance        10:46

Marcel Margis -    Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer

Thomas Meier -    Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer; Voices und Programming.

Andre Danker -    Synthesizer und Percussion

Mastering und Arrangement:  Thomas Meier

"Synthetica" at Bandcamp


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