Bouvetøya - The Fiction Makers

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SynGate Wave CD-R MJ09
released 2020

almost exactly one year after his last release, Mchael Jones, the man behind Bouvetøya introduces his new album "The Fiction Makers"

Michael Jones about his new work:
The Fiction Makers was a four month project, which coincided with a global event where finding creative time was no longer an issue; I don’t think anyone who had the opportunity of creating more music in their studios complained too much about restricted movement. 
Taking the time to explore soundscapes and utilising some newly acquired equipment, this album follows on some of the themes explored in last year’s album Geometrium, as well as creating new ones. The core of each track was a live studio performance augmented by overdubs where required; the joy of this is in capturing a level of spontaneity without obsessing about perfection, this keeps the music more organic and less clinical. In Modular We Trust….

The Fiction Makers at Bandcamp


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