Bouvetøya - Super High Frequency

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SynGate Wave CD-R MJ05
released 2016

Super High Frequency is Bouvetøyas second album at SynGate-Wave. the compelling music develops in wide landscapes and sounds somehow mysterious. The Memotron characterises the album all over.

Michael Jones about his album: "The theme of SUPER HIGH FREQUENCY is communication; where our lives are consumed with communicating with others through technology, at the expense of learning to communicate with ourselves and those around us as we sit in silence coveting our screens. The cover represents the electrical energy which provides the power for our everyday day lives; this tries to eclipse the solar energy that energises us as humans. However, there will only be one winner.
SUPER HIGH FREQUENCY is a collection of compositions across the EM genre, and the fifth studio album from Bouvetøya released by SynGate Records."

Blue Planet Talisman at Bandcamp


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