Bouvetøya - Blue Planet Talisman

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SynGate Wave CD-R MJ04
released 2016

"Blue Planet Talisman is a concept which was inspired by the artwork of graphic artist Martin Millar, whose work adorns Bouvetøya’s new realease on SynGate Wave. 
Each track on the album represents an improvised studio live performance with minimal overdubs; the objective being that each track captures the moment of an immediate live performance rather than a structured studio track. Using that basis the whole project was completed relatively quickly, the addition of a remixed track from the artist that inspired the album completes the concept. 
The artwork was omnipresent in the studio and became as much a part of each performance as the music. 
Bouvetøya’s more contemporary influences rise to the surface on this release, with less reliance on the traditional analogue sequencing of previous releases and more emphasis on performing melodic and rhythmic soundscapes, it is with this eclectic mix of genre that Bouvetøya is delighted to be Syngate Wave’s first release."


Blue Planet Talisman at Bandcamp

Blue Planet Talisman at MusicZeit

Review by David Law (MusicZeit): 
Since the first album I heard from Bouvetoya, just over two years ago, they are rapidly becoming one of my favourite Syngate acts. Inspired by the classic Berlin School masters such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze as well as wider influences he has matured wonderfully as an artist over the four albums he has released since then. This is the best so far. It is actually quite subtle, little sequences, gentle rhythms and melodic motifs creating a blissed out atmos that has the ability to entice and draw you in and yet focus the imagination rather than letting your mind wander. A wonderful album that grabbed me instantly and got even better with each listen. I really can't recommend it highly enough. 

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